17 Facts About Men’s Bodies Women Probably Don’t Know

Men typically have darker hair than women.
Man with dark hair

If you think you know more blonde-haired women than men, you’re probably right. According to Joseph Hart, RN, director of operations at MAXIM Hair Restoration, “Men will typically have darker hair than their female counterparts, particularly once the individual has passed through puberty and this trend will continue with age.” Hart says this phenomenon is due to men’s higher levels of melanin, which influences people’s skin tone, hair color, and eye color.

Men’s teeth are larger than women’s.

Man smiling


One might assume men’s teeth would be larger, as they are generally “bigger” human beings. Pia Lieb, DDS, founder of Cosmetic Dentistry Center NYC says this is actually true. She points to studies that found men’s teeth do in fact, tend to be larger, than women’s—especially the canine teeth. For more information related to oral hygiene, check out This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Floss Your Teeth.

Men have bigger jawbones, cheeks, and eyebrows.

What makes a face masculine or feminine? There are actually a couple of tangible factors that contribute to a standard masculine or feminine appearance. Kimberly Langdon, OBGYN, and medical advisor at Medzino Health says, “Men have bigger jawbones, cheeks, and brows while women have wider faces, bigger lips, and higher eyebrows.” A study published by Frontiers of Psychology found that eyebrow thickness, jawbone prominence, and face height was a prominent part of masculinity and perceived attractiveness.

Men snore more than women.
man in bed lies over 40

This fact is probably unsurprising to anyone who has spent the night beside a loudly snoring man. “Snoring, because it comes from your nose and your mouth—is typically more common in men due to abdominal body fat.” The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reported that about 40 percent of men are habitual snorers, while only 24 percent of women are habitual snorers.

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